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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music and and the same?

 When I was working in New York many years ago, I had a wonderful business manager, who was also a good friend, and a tennis pro. Go figure. Geoff could be quite inspirational at times and had a wonderful way of making complicated or challenging situations simple.

 We often talked about tennis as a great "tonic" for me. He called it a "now activity." And when one is engaged in a now activity, the problems of the world fall away. It's a kind of aerobic meditation. You can't be worrying about love or money or world affairs when someone is slamming an overhead at you. And, like many forms of meditation, the relief it provides is giving one a few moments or even seconds free from thought.

Music, it is said, "has charms to soothe a savage breast." (Congreve 1697) Well, in my opinion it certainly does, and so do tennis, cooking, and many other "now" activities.

When the music business becomes too intense, the best thing I can possibly do is sing. Or cook. Or, better yet, sing and cook for my friends with wonderful music playing in the background.
I'm pretty good in the kitchen and really love making beautiful and delicious food for friends and family. And lately I've been toying with creating recipes for my music. Enjoying a creme brulee while listening to "Je Cherche Un Homme" would be insanely sensual. I think those songs deserve a proper dinner companion! And what self respecting recipe would not enjoy a good song whilst being devoured?

Music and food go together perfectly, as do the fans who love them. I would make a bet that any passionate music lover could become a good cook, too, if given a little guidance. It's all in the "feel."

What would you cook while listening to "Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast?" I've got my answer!!

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