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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It doesn't get any better than this...

Well, I had a hell of a year in 2011. It was exciting and busy and filled with dreams and plans for my musical future. I am filled with anticipation for all that lies ahead.

But right before Christmas, I got a powerful message. For a week or so, everyone I met reminded me that the most important thing in my life is the present moment. It is not the outcome that brings the joy; it is the process. It is not looking at or listening to my new CD, rather, it is the creative process that matters – that’s where the rush is.

Now, this is not really news to me, it is a universal lesson that I have heard a million times, but somehow, I needed to hear it again....and again. It is a primary theme in Alexander Technique, of which I have become an ardent student.

I spoke recently (for the first time in 30 years) to my first manager from MT years, David Yeager, an absolutely delightful person with whom I’d lost contact. The first thing he said to me is, “Erin, are you enjoying the ride? I hope you are not focusing on the outcome.” In the thirty years’ time that had passed, I was wondering about his health, kids, business.....but he instinctively knew that I needed to hear that message, and so that’s where he went. Old friends are great in that way – they just know you so deeply.

It is very hard to not get excited about the future with so many opportunities coming my way. But last week I was rehearsing with Stef (Scaggiari) and I realized that none of it will be any more delicious, or better musically, or more interesting or closer to my heart than making music together and laughing about politics and sharing coffee in his living room. It’s the now. So I let myself sink into the moment and drink in every precious nuance of that sweet time with my friend. And it was vibrant.

Our lives reflect only as much abundance as we allow ourselves to experience. So if we are constantly living in the dreams we hold for our future, we close a door on receiving the gifts that are waiting for us in every single instant we live.

And, while I am jazzed ( in more ways than one) about all the things to come this year and beyond, my New Year resolution is to focus on the moment and not worry so much about the future. There is just no need to wait any longer... I’ll take my cake now, and whatever comes my way in the future will be the icing.

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