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Monday, August 29, 2011

25 Things About Erin

25 Things About Erin

So, back in 2009 when I first joined FaceBook, there was a note going around asking everyone to list 25 things about themselves and send the list on to 25 friends. Clearly, I did not have enough to do at the time, so I filled it out. Actually, I had a good time thinking this stuff up.  It's always a revelation to write about find out the strangest things!  

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it!  This was just before we went in to the studio to start tracking Nice Girls.  

1. I think Rob Mounsey is one heady dude.

2. My inner circle call me "The Dipster"

3. I like doing bookeeping. Go figure.
4. I sleep with two dogs and a cat. Poor Tony.
[Sadly, only one dog now.]
5. I believe that everything in my life - good and bad - is nothing more that an image created in my mind, and I can create or remove whatever I want anytime I want.

6. I can't write, or even think, when my house is dirty.

7. I thrive on change.

8. I wish I could remember more stuff...I think I may have done some pretty interesting things :)

9. The opposite of love is fear. But what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. (ACIM)

10. Did I mention bookeeping?

11. I am married to a lawyer, and he "gets" me better than any guitar player on the planet.

12. I am a hell of a good cook.

13. My jeans are tight.

14. My favorite songwriter who "can't remember the words" is Jesse Frederick.

15. I am happy, always seem to be, no matter what is going on around me.

16. Both of us are Gemini, and we disagree a lot.

17. Tony is a Libra, and he gets along with everyone.

18. I have amazing friends. They blow my mind.

19. Good fortune is a decision. I wish I had known that in my youth. Could have saved a lot of anguish over nothing.

20. I am afraid to upgrade to Leopard. I think it may be a communist plot to make my studio inoperable.
 [Since then, I've taken the  plunge.]
21. I am not deep, or complicated or mysterious; I am genuine and compassionate.

22. I get off on cursing.
23. I'm a good dancer.

24. I'm an excellent singer.

25. I thank God every morning for everything I can think of.

The End.

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